Why Join With Us?

I strongly believe that Government is not a higher authority to its citizens. Government is comprised of citizens for the benefit of citizens. I need your help to bring common sense and accountability to Lake County Government. Please consider helping me in any way you can.

  • Put the Power of Government back where it belongs, to The People!
  • Work to reduce the Property Tax burden to our residents.
  • Improve our infrastructure to be more attractive to businesses who offer GOOD JOBS!
  • Promote a better sense of Community throughout Lake County.
  • Bring Common Sense to County Government.

Be A Volunteer

This will be a tough race. More than likely I will face an opponent.  Most likely an opponent who is placed on the ballot to protect the status quo in Illinois. The same status quo that is pushing our residents out of the County and State in record numbers.  Please consider joining our campaign for all Lake County residents.