Lindenfest, the Epitome of Community

Lindenfest, the Epitome of Community

This weekend I was so honored and grateful to have the opportunity to spend so much time with residents of Lindenhurst and Lake Villa at the Annual Lindenfest Festival and parade.

Not only was it a genuine good time for me and my family, it was such a beautiful example of how communities come together to make things happen and be with each other in a fun and happy environment.

On a more solemn note, it was also uplifting to see so many people from the community come out for an impromptu prayer vigil to pray for the rapid recovery of the the sweet little girl who was struck by a vehicle Friday night in Lindenhurst.  Members of the community from all around, Lindenfest committee members, village officials, police and even family of the little girl, Leah, all showed up to share their prayers and wishes for her recovery.

I ask that everyone please continue to pray for Leah and her family. I’d also like to ask for everyone to pray for the poor driver who was caught by surprise and now must personally deal with the horrible tragic accident.

Lastly, I want to thank to 60+ supporters who braved the heat to walk with me and my family in Saturday’s parade. You are all an amazing group of people, and I am truly humbled by your support!