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Grant High School District 124 to See HUGE Drop in Property Taxes for Residents

Grant High School District 124 to See HUGE Drop in Property Taxes for Residents

Congratulations to the School Board of Grant High School District #124, who has paid off it’s bonds and have chosen to give the tax payers a real break.

Very often school boards see paying off of debt as an opportunity to raise more debt under the guise of “Keeping taxes the same”. The Board of District 124 has decided to give the tax payers a break instead.

Here is the text of their announcement:

With the green grass of spring arriving shortly, property owners within Grant Community High School boundaries will see more green in their pockets too!
Property tax owners will soon be seeing a savings in their tax bills. In December of 2017, the District paid off all of the debt that was associated with the facility improvements over the years to accommodate enrollment growth. The tax rate for Grant Community High School is dropping over 25 percent and the owner of a $250,000 home will see our portion of their property taxes drop $665 this year. The District is thankful for our supportive
taxpayers, whose dedication to Grant Community High School have given us the facilities that we have. We are grateful to have the debt paid off and be able to provide some tax relief to property owners.
The District administration will continue to monitor the tax rates each year and are committed to working with the Board to find ways to ease the taxpayers’ burden.