Who am I

My name is Dick Barr and I live in Lake County with my beautiful wife, Holly and our four awesome kids, ages 5 to 20. I own my own Real Estate Brokerage right here in Lake County where we serve the communities of the Round Lake area, Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Antioch, Grayslake, Fox Lake and Gurnee. My 15 minutes of fame came in 2011 when I was a featured agent on HGTV’s House Hunters.

I am a member of both the Government and Political Issues Committee for the North Shore Barrington Association of REALTORS®, and the Government Affairs Committee Lake for the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®.

I serve as a commissioner for the Round Lake Beach Planning and Zoning Commission, as well I serve on the Board of Directors of the Round Lake Beach Police Foundation and served on the Board of Directors for the Round Lake Beach Cultural & Civic Center Foundation and the Junior Board of Directors for the Save A Star Drug Awareness Foundation.

In 2014 I was a member of the team that went to Springfield to present the work we had done with the Civic Center to advance community ideals and promote coming together as a community. As a result of the work and presentation, we were awarded the 2014 Governor’s Hometown Award.

I am also a member of the Lake Villa Republican Club and the NRA.

I am a strong fiscal conservative who believes that governments need to, at minimum, balance their budgets, but ideally start limiting their budgets to necessary functions only until we can fix the mess we are in here in Illinois. I am in favor of “Zero Based Budgeting”, which is a concept that, unlike our current system, does not automatically budget for continued spending on projects and programs, however, needs assesses programs and projects before adding them into a budget.

I believe education is the single most important subject at issue today. It must be fixed at the state level very quickly. The burden of school funding should not lie directly on the property tax payer.  I also believe in order for school funding to be truly fixed, the pension crisis must be solved. While there is not much I can do with my votes on the County Board to address school funding and pension reform, I will make it my mission to continuously lobby and work with our state representatives and senators to address meaningful and effective reforms.

But above all, I also believe as your representative, none of my own beliefs matter. I am your representative. I will be constantly meeting with you, the public, to get your opinions on issues. I will be consistently present at local government meetings throughout the district to meet with your elected officials to listen to the issues and learn ways I can help. As your representative, I will consider myself a failure if at any time during my term you feel I haven’t listened to you. I have very close friends on both sides of the Political aisle. I enjoy conversation and debate. I will always make myself available to listen to you and to have a conversation.

As a REALTOR®, I see first hand the flow of quality neighbors fleeing our County and our State. I receive calls almost daily from homeowners who are desperate to move to Wisconsin, Indiana, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, etc to get out of the fiscal mess our state is in.

Lake County, with all of its beautiful and natural resources and amenities SHOULD be the ideal place to be born, live, get educated, find a quality job, raise a family, then retire. But that’s not where we are headed. Millennials are fleeing to where the better paying jobs are. Young families are choosing areas with lower taxes, or they are simply not buying houses because of high taxes and choosing to rent and not plant deep roots. Our retirees are giving up and fleeing the state to find affordable places to retire.

We are on a one way road to self destruction, and most people don’t realize how dire our predicament is.

I refuse to give up on Lake County and Illinois.  I believe MOST of us are common sense people that want futures for ourselves and for our children. I believe MOST of us want to stop fighting and work together for a better and more prosperous tomorrow. I believe ALL OF US have more in common than we know or admit.

I’ve been asked time and again for 10 years, “Dick, when will you run for office?” I have always responded the same way, “Never! I’m not in favor of always being hated by half the people.”  But over the past 10 years, as I’ve been instrumental in creating a huge sense of community in our 852 home community of Country Walk, I’ve learned that you can be helpful to all, regardless of political persuasion. Differences are just that, differences.  Those differences don’t define us, we define them. I’ve learned so much from my neighbors. While I don’t pretend to be liked by everyone, I can honestly say that I believe I am respected by most.

With the tremendous help of a large group of volunteers, I organized a huge block party this Summer for our neighborhood that was attended by over 700 people. Free food, drink, live music, entertainment for the kids, old fashioned games for the kids, a tug of war contest and a softball game for the adults. The day went perfectly, without a hitch. 700+ people with different ideas and beliefs and political ideologies got together, put all differences aside for one solid day of family fun.

This effort and example of community is what I want to bring to County Government. I don’t want to force my ideology down anyone’s throat because I dont purport to always be right. However, I want to lead by example, be inclusive, get people together to work together toward a common goal that we all can rally behind.

If I am lucky enough to earn your support and your vote, I promise to work hard at reducing spending in Lake County, working to pool resources from our many governing bodies, work to promote the sense of community many of us remember as children, be forceful about attracting good businesses with good paying jobs and building up our infrastructure to support the businesses who can help alleviate our residential tax burden.  I will also work very closely with State Government to put pressure on them to fix the pension and school funding formulas that are driving so many away.

Will you consider donating?

Elections can get very expensive. Those already in power across the state who are against my ideas of fiscal responsibility and repairing the pension crisis donate thousands of dollars to candidates to run against “common sense candidates” like myself.  I need your support.

Please consider donating only what you can afford to help us win for Lake County!

You can select one of the predetermined amounts below, or you can write in any amount you wish. All payments are processed securely through PayPal.

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What is my Promise?

We all know that political promises aren’t worth the time they take to speak out loud, so what is the point of making them?  This is most likely because many politicians will say anything to get a vote. I only want your vote if you feel my words and willingness to fight for those words best represent you, the tax payer. As only one of twenty-one board members in the County, I will not be able to promise you any outcomes.

What I can promise is what I will be fighting for on your behalf. I can promise to stand up to nonsense spending projects and make sure you know about it. I can promise to keep you informed of what is happening in County Board so you can join me in the fight and help spread the word to others who will always be welcome to come to our meetings and express their opinions. I can promise that I will ask my constituents for their opinions on matters, and I will weigh those opinions as I deliberate my votes.

Most importantly, I can promise that I will continually fight to address property taxes, infrastructure improvements and good jobs for our community.

Infrastructure Improvements

We need to improve our infrastructure to make Lake County more accessible to potential new industries. Fixing our dilapidated roads and bridges, adding more railroad crossing bypasses, extending Route 53, widening Route 120 and 83 are just a few examples of investments we can make in Lake County that will make us more attractive to business.

Reducing Property Taxes

Spending is a big problem in our state, and the state’s spending problem is the cause of our local property tax disaster. I intend to not only focus on continuing Lake County’s conservative fiscal policy of balanced budgets and reducing budgets, I intend to work and communicate with our Representatives and Senators on common sense goals to fixing our state’s pension crisis and offsetting how school funding unfairly rests solely on the shoulders of home owners. Combining the above with attracting new business, which will not only absorb property tax burden, but will also keep more people in the area which will absorb the property tax burden even further, my goal is to see property taxes start to decline.

Good Jobs

Lake County is a beautiful place to live.  We have great open spaces, beautiful scenery, affordable homes, yet we are losing our young and educated people to Wisconsin and larger cities because we have a shortage of good paying jobs available.  We need to attract businesses to our area that offer good paying salaries and careers. We are falling behind our competing areas, and with good jobs available and lower taxes, Wisconsin will continue to pluck off our population more and more.

Lake County is the home to CLC and University Center.  Our kids are getting good degrees (2, 4 and 6 year), right here in our back yard, and this could be a feeding pond for businesses to come take advantage of the talent graduating here in Lake County.

Infrastructure, property taxes and jobs all go hand in hand with each other to solve so many of the issues we face today.