Republican Assembly of Lake County Endorses Dick Barr

Republican Assembly of Lake County Endorses Dick Barr

The Republican Assembly of Lake County (RALC) has endorsed Dick Barr in the March 20th, 2018 Republican Primary over former RALC member, Jim Mitchell.

Candidates addressed the Assembly on January 18th. They were given three minutes for an opening statement, which was followed by a question and answer period. It has been a tradition for the RALC to endorse Republican candidates that best exemplify and represent the Principles and Beliefs of the Republican Party.

Mr. Barr spoke about his belief that property taxes in Lake County are strangling home owners, who are fleeing the county in droves in favor of the less taxed southern Wisconsin towns. He pointed to his intimate knowledge of property taxes, as a longtime Real Estate Broker and owner of his own Real Estate firm, as crucial background for understanding the pain of property tax payers throughout Lake County. He believes by helping to educate the public and increase transparency, the residents of Lake County can stand in unison in a targeted effort against the powers that work to drive up Property Taxes.

Mr. Barr also spoke to the issue of Forest Preserve acquisitions over the past 10 years, which has taken almost $200 Million dollars of land off of the tax rolls, spreading the burden of the lost income among the remaining inhabitants. He indicated that he would not support another referendum to acquire more lands by the Forest Preserve until a time when Property Taxes have become affordable for all residents, especially for seniors.

(For a more detailed explanation of Dick’s property tax strategy, click here)

Candidates must receive at least 60% of the Assembly’s vote to earn an endorsement. If no candidate achieves the 60% threshold, no endorsement is given. Mr. Barr beat out Mr. Mitchell for the endorsement, despite the fact that Mr. Mitchell was a long time member of the Assembly.

Other endorsements issued by the Assembly include:

  • Jeanne Ives for Governor
  • Doug Bennett for 10th Congressional District US Congress
  • Marko Sukovic  for 59th District State Representative
  • Adam Solano for 62nd District State Representative
  • Bob Bednar for 6th District County Board
  • Jeri Atelson for 10th District County Board
  • Grant Noble for 201st Precinct Committeeman

No endorsement was made in the following races due to not meeting the 60% vote threshold:

  • Attorney General
  • 17th District County Board

Here is the link to the RALC Press Release:


  • Steve

    By Steve


    I think seniors are leaving this county/ state because of the high property taxes. If the state/ county would eliminate paying for schools after the age of 62 or 65 in their property taxes, it would retain a lot of us that are moving or thinking about moving.

    • dickbarr

      By dickbarr


      Hi Steve, I believe my plan for school taxes takes your suggestion into account. It removes the sole burden of school funding from property tax payers all together and equally distributes among all income tax payers, which I believe is a much fairer system. It would benefit the seniors on fixed budgets, since it would be tied to income, and not your assets. Since most seniors would fall into the limited income scenario, their burden for school funding would be very minimal.

      While seniors are very unlikely to have children in the school district, they do still benefit from the school system as it relates to their home values. Especially true in highly rated school districts.

      If you were to remove only seniors from paying school property taxes, it would create an even higher, unfairly distributed burden on new potential homeowners, which would continue to keep our home values artificially low. It would also create “loser” school districts who didn’t have people moving into the area to support the school funding base. Shifting to income tax would completely eliminate the downward spiral and also give you the desired effect you are looking for.

      Taker EZ 🙂

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