About Dick Barr

About Dick Barr

Dick Barr is running for Lake County Board District 3 to bring Common Sense back to Lake County Government, improve our infrastructure, reduce property taxes and create a better environment for businesses and jobs. You can read about Dick Barr here

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Learn about the issues that Dick Barr believes are the most pressing issues facing Lake County today. Crippling property taxes, outdated and sub par infrastructure, lack of good paying jobs…

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I expect this to be a very tough primary and general election.  I will need all the help and resources I can get to put our plan into motion. Lake County can be saved, it is not too late. Some meaningful spending reforms are a must. Please consider volunteering or donating to help with our campaign.

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Your Support will make a difference

Getting out to vote is the most important thing any citizen can do. We are at a crossroads in America today where Common Sense is dwindling. Governments, who are meant to be representative of us see us as nothing more than a bottomless piggy bank. It is time to stop the bleeding NOW! Please do your part and get out and vote for Dick Barr for Lake County Board!

My 5 Star Campaign Focus

Country District 3 represents all of Lindenhurst, Venetian Village and Round Lake Heights and parts of Lake Villa and Round Lake Beach. Please review my positions to learn more about me and why I am fighting to be your representative.  Please also feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions, comments, suggestions, or to educate me on issues I don’t yet have all the answers on.

This is a collaborative effort.  As your representative I want to know how you see the issues as well.

Property Taxes

Probably the most stated complaint of all Lake County Residents. County needs to be able to identify more cuts, more ways to consolidate services, more ways to attract new business and development to share in the tax burden.  Above that, we need to work with our Representatives and Senators to address meaningful Pension and school funding reform so school funding does not lie solely on the property tax payers.


Aging, failing and inadequate infrastructure is not merely an inconvenience and safety hazard to Lake County residents, it is one of the biggest obstacles keeping new development and business away. Unless we can widen our main, notorious thoroughfares, get rid of the “stranglers”, bypass known, troubled railroad crossings, extend Route 53, we in Northern Lake County will remain stagnant to growth. That growth goes hand in hand with reducing our property tax burden.

Common Sense Government

New $50 Million + building for College of Lake County, New $100 Million + Court House expansion, New $16 Million + Library… These are all wonderful luxuries… when we are not broke. From 2015 to 2016 Lake County lost 5,179 people to out migration and we are the highest taxed County in the state. I’m certain none of the people leaving mentioned Court House, Library or College expansion on their Exit Interview.

Good Jobs

Lake County has seen a steady reduction in the unemployment rate since the great recession, peaking at a high of 12% unemployment to the current 4.3% unemployment rate. However, many of those jobs are seasonal jobs, as in Winter months unemployment spikes to over 6%. Lake County needs more business investment from companies who can take advantage of the talented work force graduating right here at CLC and University Center with 2, 4 or 6 year degrees. Better business with good jobs will keep the younger generations in the area, needing housing, patronizing small businesses and reducing the per capita burden of taxes.


Our country is going through an era of unprecedented turmoil; family members against family members and neighbors against neighbors. We need to remember that most of us are 90% the same in what we want for ourselves, our communities and our families. Sure, many of us have differences in how we go about it, but for the most part we are not that different. I would like to see a greater sense of community in our County and our Neighborhoods. I want to help foster ways for neighbors to come together in person, meet more people and socialize more effectively.  Online socialization lacks so much that only in-person contact can achieve.

Upcoming Events

Here are some upcoming events on our campaign path to Lake County Board.  Please feel free to come out and meet me as I show up to learn and support the different candidates for elections throughout Illinois and the County. Please be advised that some events are free while others are not.  Please reach out to me if you have a question about any particular event.

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Contribute for Common Sense

Elections can get very expensive. Those already in power across the state who are against my ideas of fiscal responsibility and repairing the pension crisis donate thousands of dollars to candidates to run against “common sense candidates” like myself.  I need your support to represent you on Lake County Board.

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